This island of 4 million people, located just east of Java, is unique among the many islands of Indonesia in being mainly Hindu rather than Muslim. Bali is many things to many people: a surf and sun paradise; a yoga and wellness retreat; a place where religious rituals are woven into the fabric of everyday life and beauty is cherished; an island of tall volcanoes, lush rice fields, and beautiful coral reefs. Despite the tourist throngs, Bali's cultural traditions remain strong and its people open and welcoming.

When we visited

September to October 2014

Major stops

Denpasar, Ubud, Jemeluk, Munduk, Candikuning, Pemuteran, Sanur

Memorable Moment

Attending the intricate birthday ceremony of our neighborhood Hindu temple in Ubud

Did you know?

Directions in Bali are oriented on the highest and most sacred point on the island, Mount Agung. Instead of north, south, east, and west, places are referred to as kaja (toward the mountain) or kelod (away from the mountain).

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