Taiwan map

This island off the eastern coast of China, slightly larger than the U.S. state of Maryland, is an independent democracy with a mostly ethnic Chinese population. It offers visitors an introduction to Chinese culture, food, art, and religion, but on a smaller scale than in massive mainland China—along with Japanese influences left over from Japan’s occupation in the first half of the 20th century. From the crowded cities on the western side of the island to the dramatic mountain scenery in the center and east, Taiwan is a vibrant place that feels both developed and developing.

When we visited

April 2024

Major stops

Taipei, Chiayi, Fenqihu, Alishan, Hsinchu

Memorable Moment

Feeling our seventh-floor hotel room in Taipei sway from a 7.4-magnitude earthquake and several big aftershocks on our first morning in Taiwan

Did you know?

Bubble tea, ramen noodles, cat cafes, and USB flash drives were all invented by people from Taiwan.

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