It’s hard to beat Italy for history, art, architecture, scenic beauty, friendly and outgoing people, and great food. We spent two months crisscrossing the country in the spring of 2008, from the northern lakes at the foot of the Alps to the dusty plains south of Naples. We returned in 2015 to explore the island of Sicily and in 2017 and 2018 for house sits in Rome. Italy feels like a hundred countries crammed into one medium-sized nation. So much of Western history was made here, and it’s visible around every corner.    

When we visited

April to June 2008, September to October 2015, February to March 2017, June 2018

Major stops

Lucca, Siena, Florence, Assisi, Cortona, Rome, Orvieto, Mantua, Como, Venice, Vincenza, Naples, Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Sicily (Siracusa, Modica, Palermo, Agrigento, Enna, Favignana)

Memorable Moment

First walking into St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and being awed by its huge scale, beautiful decoration, and ability to absorb immense crowds

Did you know?

Tourists throw more than $3,000 worth of coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome every day. The coins are collected and donated to Catholic charities.

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