Mountains and Rice Fields of Bali

To escape the heat of the coast, we fled inland and upward to the small mountain town of Munduk in north central Bali. There we found a beautiful guesthouse, Aditya Homestay, with a terrace overlooking the mountain valley. Munduk is in a lush area, where coffee and clove trees and lots of other plants grow well. The Dutch who colonized Bali tried to encourage tourism in Munduk in the early 1900s; a few of their houses can still be seen there, looking very different from the Balinese homes we’ve been seeing all over the island.

From Munduk, we wove our way along mountain roads to Bali’s “lake district” in the heart of a lush agricultural area and the town of Candikuning. On our way from Candikuning back to Ubud, we paid a driver to take us on a day of sightseeing through some of the most scenic rice fields in Bali, those around the village of Jatiluwih.

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