This is one of our favorite countries: full of art, history, and fantastic food. It’s a collection of diverse regions with a wide variety of scenery and cultural traditions. Chris studied French in school, and Melissa feels that her temperament is essentially French, so this is a place we keep coming back to. We spent the last two months of our nine-month European trip of 2008 in France, two months housesitting there in 2021, and one month housesitting there in 2022. The posts below are from those periods. The photo galleries also include pictures from a 2010 vacation in the south of France and an overnight stop in Strasbourg in 2018.

When we visited

August to October 2008, May to June 2010, August 2018, September to November 2021, October to November 2022

Major stops

Paris, Troyes, Dijon, Vezelay, Lyon, Mont-Dore, Poitiers, Amboise, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Saignon, Strasbourg, Saint Racho, Annecy, Grenoble

Memorable Moment

Hiking up a hill to the village of Vezelay in Burgundy, stopping to rest in a field where, in 1146, the Pope gave a speech calling for the Second Crusade, looking into a tiny chapel built in 1217 by Franciscan friars sent by Saint Francis himself, and ending up in Vezelay’s grand 1096 basilica just in time for mass.

Did you know?

France gets more visits from foreign tourists than any other country (a total of 89 million in 2018).

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