Indigenous Culture and Pride in Otavalo

Long before the Inca and then the Spanish conquered northern Ecuador in the 1400s and 1500s, the indigenous people of the Otavalo region were renowned as weavers and long-distance merchants. Otavalenos traveled far and wide selling textiles and other items made in their fertile land of lakes, green fields, and volcanos. Today, that’s still true. … Read more

Livable Cuenca

Cuenca, in the highlands of south-central Ecuador, is the country’s third-largest city, with about 400,000 residents. It has a reputation for being a charming colonial-era city,

Chilling at Cotopaxi

Ecuador is a land of volcanoes. When we left Quito, we headed for the country’s most famous volcano: a perfect cone-shaped, snow-capped peak called Cotopaxi. Our base near

South of the Border, Down Ecuador Way

A quick flight from Bogota to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and we were well and truly in the Southern Hemisphere. Quito is a big city (population 2.6 million), sprawling from north to south

Eating in Colombia

Our final post about Colombia focuses on one of our favorite parts of travel: food. In that sphere, Colombia was both a hit and a miss.

Impressions of Colombia

It’s impossible to get a complete sense of a country in a month. But here are some impressions we formed while traveling in Colombia, in the upper northwest corner of South America: