Making a Preschooler Happy in Oaxaca

Mexico’s sunny southern city of Oaxaca offers a little something for every kind of visitor. According to our travel companion Francesca, age 2½, these were the best parts of our visit:

  • Finding a pre-Christmas carnival at El Llano Park that included a two-story trampoline house, complete with bouncy burros and neighborhood kids to play with. This girl loves to bounce!
  • Being brave enough to ride some of the carnival rides, including a caterpillar-shaped roller coaster.
Francesca feeding baby goat
Francesca on trampoline with toy burro
Chris and Francesca on a gray horse
  • Staying at a farmhouse in the village of Teotitlan del Valle, where Francesca befriended a baby goat (whom she called “Cutie Pie”), helped boil pomegranate peels to make dye for wool, and saw lots of baby chicks.
  • Riding on horseback for the first time (in front of Chris, to whom she was tied with a wide sash).
Francesca drinking cup of hot chocolate
Francesca eating a peeled mango on a stick
  • Eating and drinking lots of good things, including hot chocolate, meat tacos, fresh mango on a stick, and the stringy cheese for which Oaxaca is famous.
  • Chasing bubbles around Oaxaca’s central plaza, the Zocalo, courtesy of the vendors selling bubble blowers and balloons.
Francesca chasing bubbles
  • Hanging out in the hammock at our AirBnB apartment in the Jalatlaco neighborhood.
  • Playing at the big playground on Blvd. Eduardo Vasconcelos (the Parque Recreativo Infantil Oaxaca Bicentenario) and discovering lots of new equipment that her local playgrounds back home don’t have.
Francesca and Melissa on seesaw
Melissa and Francesca in hammock swing

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