Day 3: Wedding Day!

Thick, low, fast-moving clouds and stiff winds confronted us on the wedding day. The groom and groomsmen got all spiffed up at our place. On seeing the boutonnieres, which consisted of ivy leaves, thistle, and heather, the groom (Jan) remarked, “I hadn’t expected them to look quite so much like a salad.”

The small wedding party all looked lovely (and very Scottish, for a bunch of Americans) with their kilts, the bride’s and groom’s red hair, and the bride’s (Neta’s) simple dress and matching cloak.

The ancient white chapel at the top of the castle was tiny, the bride was beautiful, and the priest had a sense of humor (a good thing since he made a couple of amusing mistakes, such as asking Jan whether he took Neta as his lawfully wedded husband). Melissa took lots of pics!

The piper playing outside the wedding chapel meant that when we and the groomsmen arrived, there was quite a crowd gathered, snapping pictures. When the bridal couple emerged after the ceremony, they were greeted by a sea of flash bulbs, like a pair of celebrities. We overhead one of the tourists say: “We were so lucky to see a real Scottish wedding!”

The reception was a late, lingering lunch at The Witchery, an amazingly atmospheric restaurant a few steps down from the castle (the food was good too).

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