Tea and Moss and Lots of Rain

With eastern Malaysia experiencing heavier-than-usual monsoon rains, our plans to visit Teman Negara, a mountainous national park containing some of the world’s oldest jungle, had to be abandoned. In search of somewhere green to relax between our time in various Malaysian cities, we opted for the closer and tamer Cameron Highlands. This hilly region of rich agricultural land has been a favorite cool getaway for Malaysians since the days of British colonialism.

We took a very wet, muddy hike through a beautiful mossy forest (which was too dark for much picture taking)

We spent three days in the slightly down-at-heels resort town of Tanah Rata in a wonderfully relaxing hostel called Father’s Guesthouse. Most of our time was spent reading, writing, playing board games, sampling local Chinese and Indian restaurants, and watching the incessant rain. But our last day, we braved the wet weather to tour a tea plantation and hike in a beautiful green, mossy, and very muddy forest.

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