Plans for 2009

After an enjoyable break seeing our friends again, helping to elect Barak Obama as President (yay!), and spending the holidays with our families, we’re ready to start wandering again. On January 8, we leave for three and half months in Central America.

We’re going to start in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and then head south to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and maybe Nicaragua. We’re looking forward to lots of sun, sand, snorkeling, Spanish classes, quaint colonial towns, Mayan ruins, and spicy food. Who knows, maybe we’ll even learn to scuba dive. We’re leaving the laptop and giant camera behind for this leg (sob), but we’re going to try to post photos and text here as often we can from internet cafes.

Summer 2009 will find us back in the United States, taking care of a house and pets for a family in Burlington, Vermont, while they’re away for the summer. Vermont is a beautiful state in New England (the northeastern part of the United States). We plan to spend the summer working in their garden, relaxing a little, and doing some freelance editing work to earn a little money.

After the summer, we hope to spend the rest of the year in South America, seeing the Galapagos Islands, Machu Pichu, the Amazon jungle, and other wonders. If anyone has any recommendations for Central or South America, we’d love to hear them.

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