Wow, We’re Heading Home?!?

It’s hard to believe, but true—we’re on our way back to the United States tomorrow. We’ve had a wonderful time in Paris and the Loire Valley, but we’ve been neglecting this website terribly. We’ll go ahead and post the other pictures and stories once we’re home.

Our plan is to stay for a few days with Melissa’s mom in Tennessee and pick up our car and some clothes, then head to Washington for a dear friend’s wedding. We’ll be house- and catsitting for her during her three-week honeymoon, giving us a chance to catch up with all of our DC buddies. After that, we’ll head around for visits to all of our various families and plan the next leg of our travels!

We are sad to end this part of our trip, but eager to see friends and family. It’s hard to know how to feel. Our nine months on the road in Europe have flown by at an amazing speed. We’ve seen wondrous sights and met so many interesting and diverse people. It’s almost hard to conceive of stopping. Yet we’re tired and slightly jaded. A couple months without “travel” is starting to sound pretty good. And after that, we’ll be ready for a new adventure . . .

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