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Chris and a dog in Denmark

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Chris and a dog in Denmark

Housesitters offer you peace of mind and security. An occupied home doesn’t attract thieves the way an empty one might. There’s no need to worry about what would happen if a pipe burst or a tree fell on your home and you didn’t find out until days or weeks later. And there’s no need to subject your pets to staying in a kennel or being lonely at home while you’re gone.

We have looked after people’s homes and pets—for free—more than 30 times all around the world, and we love it. Housesitting lets us experience a place as the local residents do, not as tourists, and lets us do other things we enjoy, such as cooking and gardening. We love animals, but our nomadic life means that we cannot keep pets. So it is a pleasure to look after other people’s animals for a while.


We are experienced housesitters who will care lovingly for your home, possessions, animals, and garden while you are away. We have been homeowners ourselves, so we know how to keep a house clean and well maintained.

We are also longtime animal lovers: We have served as a trusted foster home for cats and kittens from local rescue organizations, and Melissa has worked as a veterinary technician, with experience monitoring the health of pets and giving medications. In addition, Chris enjoys taking care of gardens.

We are dependable, honest, quiet, respectful of your property, nonsmokers, non-drug-takers, and environmentally aware. We are also smart, friendly, and adaptable. We have international drivers’ licenses and clean driving records and have never been in trouble with the law. (Chris is a retired employee of the U.S. government and passed an FBI background check when she was rehired in 2009.)

We are experienced international travelers comfortable living in unfamiliar places and foreign cultures. We speak some French, German, Spanish, and Indonesian. We are happy to provide contact information if you would like to contact our references directly.

Interested? Please get in touch!